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How will voice user interface design look like in 2050?

  • #VUI Design
  • #Innovation Design

We love voice and conversational interfaces. And we are always open to innovative collaborations and idea exchange.

This article is about the inspiring collaboration between and the AMD Akademie Mode & Design in Munich, where eleven students explored the future of voice, and developed a future scenario. Under the guidance of some of’s specialists, the students went through all the phases of the design thinking process and developed a voice project prototype.

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Part 1: The role of visual designers in 2030 – the holistic design approach

  • #Visual Design

What are Visual Designers doing right now at their working desks? Well, we are mostly hired for our visual craft skills, meaning creating everything a brand, an artist, a book, or a room is communicating to you on a visual level. And then sometimes if your education implied a marketing focus as well, we are also hired for our brand strategy skills. So what is the problem with that? And why is this state changing or does it even have to change?

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Why every business needs to grow their ROI with a voice strategy in 2021

  • #Voice Branding

As people become more and more comfortable using voice user interfaces (VUI), expectations grow towards what customers expect from the products and services they purchase.

To stay competitive, companies need to start thinking about a voice strategy in order not to risk staying behind their competitors. In the same way, that it is not to doubt that a website is needed, it is not to doubt that a voice-first presence needs to be adopted.

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