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Strategy. Research. Experience.

We're not just an award-winning AI experience company.

We're part of your team. We're consultants, researchers, and AI experts who dramatically improve chatbots and IVRs, advise on ChatGPT and LLM integration, and engineer useful conversational product features that redefine customer engagement.

Let's create something that people love to talk to.

"They are
more than just a service provider for us, they are a true partner on our path to an innovative future."

Carlos Fresneda, AXA Schweiz

"Their ability to develop innovative solutions has enabled us to jointly win prestigious awards for excellent experience in the field of digital assistance."

Alexander Splawski, Deutsche Telekom

"My collaboration with has been nothing short of transformative."

Sara Rojewski, Telefonica

"They are bright, innovative, agile, and dependable. With an energetic approach, they have consistently achieved and often exceeded our goals."

Mihajlo Zivkovic, Swisscom

What do we do?

  • AI & LLM Applications and Consultation

  • (AI) Conversational System Auditing

  • Conversational Brand Experiences Design & Prompt Engineering

  • Conversational Future Strategy and Business Value

  • GenAI Digital Transformation

  • Multimodal Bot Factory

  • POC Development and Analysis

  • Customer Experience Research and Analysis

Our commitment to AI creation has led to transformative improvements in customer service metrics at multinational companies.

With a rich background in training AI specialists and over a decade of expertise in the software and conversational AI realms, we empower businesses to make informed technology choices and bring their brand to life through award-winning automated customer service.

The next generation: from traditional IVRs & chatbot to generative AI models

The future of digital transformation and digitalization in Germany and Europe

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How we can help

Every value driver starts with an idea - Ideabay turns ideas into business value.

Our approach is collaborative and results-driven, ensuring that our strategies align with your specific business goals to drive innovation and growth

Leverage our creative expertise to address your customers' inquiries, improving satisfaction & loyalty.

Expert advice for designing the solution that best meets your enterprise needs.

Understand the impact of the 4th industrial revolution to refine your vision and product strategy.

How do we do it


AI is our expertise.

With over six years of award-winning experience in AI conversational solutions for multinational clients, we know how to make things right.

We create best practices that align your needs with your brand and business values, system requirements (feasibility), and customer requirements (desirability).

AI and LLM Applications and Consultation

Leverage cutting-edge AI and language models to drive innovation and efficiency in your operations.

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Conversational Future Strategy and Business Value

Craft forward-thinking strategies that enhance customer engagement and drive business growth.

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GenAI Digital Transformation

Transform your business with generative AI, fostering agility and a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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From research methods to new AI products, we're working on it.

At, our research doesn't follow trends—it sets them. We're pioneering innovation and practical application.

Our mission is clear: to craft digital assistants that are not only technologically advanced but also truly supportive.

We envision their evolution over the next five years, including the seamless integration of avatars and the ongoing user journey.

Customer Experience Research and Analysis

Uncover deep insights into user interactions to enhance engagement and satisfaction.

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(AI) Conversational System Auditing

Evaluate and refine AI systems for optimal performance and user resonance.

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We create with purpose.

Design is more than aesthetics—it's about meaningful interactions. Our design philosophy is rooted in purpose and understanding, aiming to bridge the gap between human emotion and artificial intelligence. We delve into the nuances of emotional AI, ensuring our digital assistants can offer empathy and support precisely when it's needed.

We try to understand what makes emotional AI, delivering empathy when they have to, and service when it's needed.

Multimodal Bot Factory

Craft bots that understand and interact through multiple modes—voice, text, and visual—for a seamless user experience.

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Conversational Brand Experiences Design & Prompt Engineering

Create brand interactions that resonate, using tailored prompts and conversational designs to engage users on a personal level.

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Proof Of Concepts (POC) Development & Analysis

Test and validate innovative design concepts to ensure they meet user needs and business objectives effectively.

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Let's talk and tailor our services to meet your needs

Where do we innovate

Our innovative approach streamlines usability enhancements through an Understand > Assess > Implement cycle, pinpointing and addressing user issues across all severity levels. This method not only clarifies user pain points but also guides targeted solutions.

By linking design choices to quantifiable metrics, we empower product managers to make data-driven decisions, marrying design innovation with product strategy for transformative outcomes.

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