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The future of digital customer interaction

Resolution Rate Booster

Unlock the full potential of your Voice or Chatbots: Turbocharge your application with our revolutionary method for up to 100% increased resolution rate.


  • ChatGPT

  • Conversational AI Strategy

  • Conversation Design

  • Assistant Persona Design

  • Voice Development

  • Voice UX

At, we are passionate about conversational design and strategy. Our experts support you with the conception, planning, and operation of your voice assistant, chatbot, or AI dialogue system like ChatGPT

Charismatic AI Academy

We want to empower teams to become experts in creating charismatic conversational AI assistants that users love to talk to.

Learn how to create engaging and human-centric conversational AI solutions at Europe’s leading design agency for language assistants and conversational design, taught by’s in-house experts.

Customer Projects

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Our partners

A partnership between science and conversation design

We collaborate with leading international research institutes and experts at universities across Germany and Europe. Building strong partnerships with these pioneers in the field of voice and human-machine interaction is key to the cutting-edge solutions and services we provide.

We explore questions that lead to innovations, keeping across new developments and broadening our knowledge to create more intuitive and less biased brand-customer interactions.

  • Frauenhofer
  • The Open Voice Network Open_Voice_Network_Logo_horizontal_color_2
  • LMU München
  • IBM Logo
  • VocaliD
  • University of Cologne
  • Grimme Medienbildung
  • Grimme Akademie
  • AMD

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ChatGPT & the Redesign of Conversation Design

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