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Projects & Case Studies

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Projects & Case Studies

Our collaborations to shape premium Voice UX products

Meet our clients, charismatic assistant personas, and intuitive conversations. Working with our clients in agile teams, we use the power of creativity, a shared strategic vision, and effective communication to meet the challenges of projects around voice technology and user experience.

Our projects are as diverse and individual as the conversations themselves. So are our roles and tasks in every project. Together with our clients, we establish processes, workflows and find the right way to collaborate to master the challenges of a voice project and, ultimately, achieve a premium Voice UX.

We strive for the same quality, whether we create independent, standalone custom-built voice assistants with our clients in the DACH market or customized voice apps for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Combining linguistics, conversation design, and sound design in a multimodal approach, we achieve a vision of delivering charismatic Conversational AI.