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About Us

About Us

High End Conversational AI since 2017.

In 2017, two innovative entrepreneurs set a goal to challenge the global status quo of Conversational AI, by bringing together a team not just of professionals, but of pioneers.

A Symphony of Minds and Talents – About us – Team at the Bonn Office is more than just a workplace; it's a breeding ground for innovation and creativity. We've intentionally designed our way of working to reflect our core values: flat hierarchies ensure every voice is heard, digital security keeps our innovations safe, and a creative process that fosters unparalleled solutions. Our passion extends beyond the realms of linguistics and AI; it's about building a culture of curiosity, laughter, and mutual respect.

Driven by Curiosity, United by Passion

At, we're not just designing virtual assistants; we're shaping the future of human-machine interaction. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey, where every conversation is an opportunity to connect, innovate, and inspire.


Anna-Catharine Peterwerth

Senior Conversational AI Designer

Creates engaging dialogues and user-friendly voice interfaces, drawing from over 10 years of expertise in digital projects encompassing Conversational AI, digital learning, and online communities.

Adrian Eiteneuer

Voice User Interface & Sound Architect

How did I explain to my grandma what I'm doing at – I teach computers how to talk.

Carla Boos

Senior Conversational AI Designer

Imaginative and effective Conversational AI designer with broad industry experience and a deep foundation in Linguistics.

Mudabir Ahmed Khan

Associate Creative Director

A passionate linguist committed to advancing Conversational AI, with a track record of contributing to groundbreaking products.

Sara Oliver G.V.

Associate Creative Director

Crafting trustworthy multimodal experiences, with 10+ years of experience working in the arts and creative industries. Active volunteer and collaborator with The Open Voice Network.

Veronika Santoro

Voice User Interface Architect

Fascination for voice & speech begins with looking beyond the mere informational content of a linguistic utterance.

Melanie Willing

Senior Conversational AI Designerin

Experienced (10+ years) Conversational AI Designer. I know a lot about customer service IVR systems. Passionate about user-friendly interactions.

Raphael Winkelmann

Director of Development

Christian Kim

Associate Creative Director

Passionate about Design and UX, shaping transformative projects with a focus on human-centricity for global clients like Sedus and Deutsche Telekom.

Lars Schalkwijk

Senior Full Stack Conversation Designer

Full Stack Conversation Designer and sound enthusiast consulting businesses on how to leverage AI to create charismatic digital assistants.

Laura Schulte-Geers

Senior VUI Architect

Full-stack conversation designer with a master's degree in linguistics, crafting intuitive digital experiences with a passion for innovation and quality

Rômulo Luzia

Conversational AI Designer

Conversation AI Designer & believer that talking to voice systems should be as easy as chatting with your friends.

Verena Winterhalter

Conversational Designer

"The limits of my language means the limits of my world." Ludwig Wittgenstein

Sarah Günter

Conversational AI Designer

Sarah crafts engaging bot interactions and user-friendly voice interfaces across industries, leveraging her deep understanding of customer needs.

Britta Lehmann

Director People & Culture

Great passion for people and their background, 10+ years experience in HR. Motivated to empower and drive change.

Jessica Deni

Accounting & Office Manager

Supplier management, travel expense reimbursement, and everything related to invoices and processes.

Claire Duparet

Sr. Multilingual Conversation Designer

5+ year of expertise crafting and training top-tier conversational AI solutions accross domains in French, English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

Simon Maier

Head of Sales & Business Development

Sales Expert with a decade of experience in enterprise sales, orchestrating digital transformations and pioneering AI integration strategies that redefine business success.

Anna-Maria Meck

Associate Creative Director

Seasoned linguist with 5 years experience in sculpting cutting-edge conversational designs, empowered by a BMW-collaborated PhD in Phonetics and Speech Processing.