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Resolution Rate Booster

Resolution Rate Booster

Our evaluation tool for your
Conversational AI.

Does this sound familiar to you

  1. “Our Voice or Chatbot is not performing as we expected.”
  2. “We have to deliver value, fast!"
  3. “We have to prove that our project has a higher ROI than other digital initiatives.”

We hear these pain points from Conversational AI delivery teams all the time. So we decided to do something about it.


Our Resolution Rate Booster is a usability inspection where our experts evaluate your chat or voice assistant's design and user experience based on recognized usability principles.


Our experts identify usability issues, like unclear wording or confusing navigation, and provide improvement recommendations. This evaluation is valuable for spotting problems and enhancing the digital assistant's user experience.

It just works

A recent assessment we did for a customer gave the following incredible results:

100% Resolution Rate

Improved end-to-end resolution rate by up to 100%.

50% Hang-up Rate

Reduced hang-up/drop-out rate by up to 50%.

x2 Project Budget

Doubled project budgets after the project's success, based on our design implementation suggestions.

+30 NPS

Increased overall NPS of +15 to +30.

Brand Awareness

Boosted positive awareness of brand department and investment in Conversational AI.

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