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We create virtual assistants with charisma.

At, we understand conversational user interaction and conversational AI. We see conversational human-machine interactions as dialogues between two very different conversational partners:

1/ any user who has a unique way of speaking and acts intuitively, flexibly, and spontaneously in conversation: the human conversational partner

2/ the digital assistant that needs a strong personality and has to learn how to understand and engage in human conversation to be a helpful tool and a charismatic conversational partner by design

We are a uniquely skilled team

We are a uniquely skilled team of 40 top international talents in various fields of linguistics, Conversational AI design, voice user interface design, and voice development.

With extensive experience in the financial sector, service industry, automotive, media and entertainment, and home appliances, we offer the right services to bring these conversational partners together and speak in meaningful conversations.

Conversational AI Strategy

First of all, we love quality, sustainability, and a robust strategic vision.

But monologues are one-way; challenge us in a conversation with your voice project!

We use the power of our expertise and experience with Conversational AI to consult and shape a future-proof and efficient Conversational AI strategy with you.

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Assistant Persona Design

Every conversational user interface needs a charismatic personality in the background.

While branding guidelines articulate brand monologues, conversational branding creates the chance to engage in a dialogue – a direct conversation – with your customers.

The digital assistant is the primary representative of everything your company and brand stand for in those conversations.

Suppose you develop a conversational user interface or voice application without a deliberate assistant persona design. The impression of your digital assistant, and brand, is left to the user's imagination. They will create a character behind their conversational partner.

That’s why we design digital assistants with charisma.

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Voice UX

A digital assistant as a conversational partner is not inherently charismatic; only users can perceive it that way.

That's why we create voice user persona profiles and categorize how they speak.

We then teach the machine to understand the user's language, pain points, and needs and handle requests with the most suitable UX possible in every conversational situation and context.

Voice UX, for us, is about user-centric flow design and valuable interactions with machines. It's about being persistent and challenging technology to guarantee the unique experience of good conversations.

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Conversation Design

Linguists and designers at always strive for conversation design that ensures a pleasant user experience and constantly improves the quality of the conversational interface.

Our aim is that the user and interface have intuitive and successful conversations.

Conversation design, for us, enables two very different conversational partners to have a conversation where both parties learn.

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Voice Development

Voice development means collaboration between design and development – a collaboration that's both creative and inspiring.

We look for the most innovative way of structuring the conversational interface's front and backend.

The backend is the brain of a digital assistant and the source of information and knowledge. Our voice development follows the idea that an excellent conversational architecture ensures data security and safe data governance. At the same time, it guarantees that the assistant understands the context of the conversation.

We love the agile collaboration of design and development, rapid prototyping, and creative developer solutions. This is how we often team up with the development experts of our clients and collaboratively challenge technology to create digital assistants with charisma and a delightful user experience.

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