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Charismatic AI Academy

Is your team set to become Conversational AI superstars?

Our mission is to empower teams to create user-centric voice and chat experiences that drive engagement, and we're committed to providing the highest-quality coaching and resources to help your team succeed!

Our core principles:

Live weekly session with your personal mentor, Tailored courses to your project, becoming an expert takes time

We are here for your team

Whether you just want advice, or to sign up for the Charismatic AI Academy, we’ll set your team on the right path to create amazing voice and chat experiences, no matter their background: from computational linguists to screenwriters, we’ve got you covered.

From investing in the right technology to creating exceptional user-centric experiences and refining your team’s conversation design skills, our program is designed to guide you and your team every step of the way.

Get ready to...

...integrate Charisma into your roadmap:

Interactive online workshops led by industry experts
Real-world case studies and examples to guide your learning
Personalised feedback and mentoring

... design on purpose:

Developing a compelling persona
Working with user insights and motivations
Flows, writing, and rewriting
Conversation as a Product
Measuring and making it better with KPIs

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