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Charismatic AI Academy

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Charismatic AI Academy

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We want to empower teams to become experts in creating charismatic conversational AI assistants that users love to talk to.

Learn how to create engaging and human-centric conversational AI solutions at Europe’s leading design agency for language assistants and conversational design, taught by’s in-house experts.

What will you learn

In these courses, you will learn the principles and best practices of charismatic conversation design, conversational copywriting, and AI training. From introductory foundational courses to master level, we'll cover theory, design, application, review and more using industry-standard tools & techniques, as well as how to integrate cutting-edge tools like ChatGPT into your workflows.

Whether you want to build outstanding bots and voice assistants for customer service, e-commerce, education, or entertainment, this course will help you master the skills and techniques to create natural and delightful conversations, get qualified, and take your conversations to the next level.

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