We are partnering with VocaliD to offer inclusive and branded quality synthetic voices

We are partnering with VocaliD to offer inclusive and branded quality synthetic voices

Happy New Year!

VUI.agency partnered with VocaliD, a successful US-based Voice AI company, offering synthesized  Voice personas with individuality, and not just robotized generic voices. Which is one of the best ways to end a year as a business? Creating partnerships with people and companies that have the similar healthy values as yours, to complement your services and improve the everyday life of people with voice. And this is exactly what we did at the end of 2020.

New custom synthetic voice service

As part of the partnership, VUI.agency will make available VocaliD’s custom synthetic voice service to our partners across the automotive, retail, service, and telecom sectors.

Dr. Rupal Patel, the founder and CEO of the company, is an internationally renowned speech scientist, bringing decades of clinical, academic, and fundraising experience. She believes that “Science is an incredible superpower when applied to improve the human condition.” And we couldn’t agree more.

Founded on the mission to enable those individuals living with speechlessness to be heard in a voice that is uniquely theirs, VocaliD’s breakthrough technology blends brief vocalizations of the recipient with recordings of a matched speaker to create a BeSpoke voice. They also help to preserve any voice prior to voice-loss and can rebuild it later for use with their MyVocaliD text-to-speech app or other speaking devices.

VocaliD is also a founding member of, an organization committed to safeguarding technological advances from potential misuse — intentional or unintentional, dedicated to create a more diverse, representative, and equitable world of AI-voice personas.

Fueled by the same passion

Fueled by the same passion for human speech and to connect people and brands through intuitive voice experiences, VUI.agency and VocaliD envision a future where speaking devices and apps reflect the diversity and authenticity of voices we hear in our everyday lives. Together, we can offer the most charismatic virtual assistants and voice experiences existing on the market.

The combination of VocaliD’s state-of-the-art AI voice technology and commitment to social responsibility along with VUI.agency’s linguistic expertise, multimodal voice experience, and sound branding specialty, will empower businesses to tap into their full power of voice identity and customer engagement.

When VUI.agency partnered up with VocaliD, we were united by the same mission to create the highest quality voice-enabled content and intuitive voice experiences that are diverse, representative, and uplift society.

We’re looking forward to our projects together.

If you have questions or project proposals, we’d love to hear them.