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A passion for language is our first priority. We are a unique team of more than 35 experts in language, linguistics, rhetoric, and phonetics as well as in technical implementation.

The Age of Assistants is NOW!


Managing Director

Why make things difficult, when you can just use Voice?


Managing Director

Language is a simple tool to share our thoughts with each other. Used between man and machine, it allows a barrier-free future.


    Voice User Interface Architect

    Designing the future is what we do here.


    Senior Voice / AI Experience Architect

    Anything sounds weird if you say it a hundred times.


    Senior Voice User Interface Achitect

    Let´s solve some more problems, then create the selfish assistant and maybe rule the world.


      Senior Voice / AI Experience Architect

      NLU components do not understand naturally, as linguists, we teach them understanding natural language.

      Laura D.

      Senior Voice User Interface Architect & Consultant

      Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.


        Voice User Interface Architect

        Only in a science fiction novel a bored and depressed sounding robot is funny!


        Senior Voice User Interface Architect

        In today's digital world, your brand ecosystem should be agile, dynamic, adjusting and appropriate for each space.


          Marketing Communications Manager

          The future belongs to Conversational User Interfaces!


          Country Manager Switzerland

          There's no problem that can't be fixed given enough duct tape.



          I love Excel tables and having a complete overview. Caring and making people happy. In our great team, it's not just a job but much more than that.


            Management Assistant

            Nothing ever gets lost, everything simply reshapes.


            Communications & Visual Design

            Nothing has to be the way it is just because it is the way it is.


            Communications & Visual Design

            Language is everywhere - so why restrict it to a smartphone screen?


            Voice User Interface Architect

            The great thing about voice design is putting my heart and mind into it.


            Voice User Interface Architect

            We did a good job, if you're not thinking about whether you're talking to your smart assistant or your buddies.


              Voice User Interface Architect

              I am always looking to reimagine our context, and design for a better future through voice technologies and creativity.


              UX Designer

              Language is key


              Voice User Interface Architect

              My values: Love, Kindness, Creativity, Empathy and Impact.


              Marketing Communications Manager

              Linguistics is not as unprofitable as everyone claims.


              Voice User Interface Architect

              My Favourite Sound: Rain falling on leaves or sizzling bacon in a pan.


              Senior Sound Architect

              Cold and unfriendly voice assistants? - Not on my watch!


                Senior Voice User Interface Architect

                Making a direct impact on the products.


                Senior Voice / AI Experience Architect

                Just adress things.


                Senior Voice Experience Architect

                The limits of my language mean the limits of my world`` (L. Wittgenstein - Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus)


                Voice User Interface Architect

                Now these points of data make a beautiful line; and we're out of beta we're releasing on time.


                Voice User Interface Architect

                Interacting via voice should be the most natural thing in the world – no matter if it’s a machine or a human being you’re talking to.

                Laura S.

                Voice User Interface Architect

                Fascination for voice & speech begins with looking beyond the mere informational content of a linguistic utterance.


                Voice User Interface Architect

                How did I explain to my grandma what I'm doing at VUI.agency? – I teach computers how to talk.


                  Voice User Interface & Sound Architect


                  Administrative Assistant

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                  Munich, Berlin, Bonn

                  Konversationsdesign/Voice User Experience Design

                  Munich, Berlin, Bonn

                  Multimodal Interaction Design/Voice Experience Design (Senior)

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