Voice Design

What is Voice Design?

Voice Design is a completely new field of application, which is used in the conception of Voice User Interface applications. Voice design includes the analysis, modeling and evaluation of voice-controlled interactions of people with their environment. In order to enable an intuitive and easy-to-use voice application, it is essential to understand the nature of human communication and to adhere to multiple principles when defining voice commands for applications. Voice modeling is of crucial importance for voice design. It is necessary to make the right predictions of statements, phrases and idioms of users that express their original intentions. VUI. agency is therefore making extensive efforts to explore the principles of human language together with linguistic experts. VUI. agency is a pioneer in the field of voice design and combines many years of competence with high quality standards.

Principles of Voice Design

Guidance on functionality

For a good user experience, a user needs to be well informed about the exact capacity of a skill. This should be communicated in an informative greeting and well-designed help functionality of the skill.

Easy operation

A powerful advantage compared to using a graphical user interface lies in the fact that a user should be able to navigate to any desired action directly with a single voice command.

Intent detection

It is necessary to detect the user’s intent independent of the exact wording he or she uses to utter that intent. This is mainly achieved through appropriately designing the list of user utterances that are mapped to a certain intent.

Time to decide

Since Alexa only waits eight seconds for a response, it makes sense to either use a reprompt style response where Alexa asks again after eight seconds, or give the user other options to buy more time.

Restriction on Choices

In the case of a user asking for help or guidance, it is necessary to always limit the available choices so that the user can easily move on to the next step of the conversation.

Graphics Integration

When presenting different choices to users it can make sense to still integrate a graphical user interface. This ensures that a user can get a quick visual overview of the different choice and then execute commands in the quickest possible way via voice.

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