Voice Consulting

Voice user interfaces such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant show a rapid growth with steadily increasing user numbers. We consult you on the opportunities and potentials that open up for brands and inform you about the risks at the same time. We analyse the suitability for your brand and develop use cases for your application on the basis of your goals and needs.

Our Approach

Our Values

We want to support our clients in maximizing the value for their customers. Naturally, our main value is to make our clients’ needs our top priority as well. We are committed to our quality promise and the complete satisfaction of our clients. We are highly innovation driven, giving our clients access to the application of the most recent technologies. We attach maximal importance to security and all our employees are working on the highest safety standards.

Our Commitment

We aim at long-term and sustainable business relations with our customers. Therefore we work closely together with our customers to help them tackle their needs in the best possible way and to constantly extent our customers’ knowledge in the field of AI. We make our customers goals our goals, aspiring the realisation of sustainable competitive advantages for our clients and the safeguarding of our customers’ market position.

Our Consultants

Our consulting team are put together based on the exact needs of our customers. Our teams combine knowledge from a variety of specialisations reaching from informatics, business administration, and economics, over mechanical engineering up to psychology. The people working at Vue Agency are selected under strict requirements out of the leading universities in Europe. Sharing the passion for our values, our team members all are committed to high innovation power, joy in solving complex problems and the capacity to meet deadlines in an efficient way.

Our Customers

Our clients range from large corporates and stock companies over medium-sized businesses to emerging high potential startups. All our customers are ambitions companies that attach great value to innovation being on the frontier of groundbreaking technology. Many of our customers want to are in the middle of a massive digital transformation and are seeking the relevant expertise to transition successfully to the age of AI.

Our Process

Our work is focused on the development of customer-specific solutions. Agile methods are strictly integrated in our daily workflow to guaranty high customer involvement and continuous updating on the ongoing process. Our culture is results-oriented and targets a high output under a high efficiency.

We are working according the following process

1. Discovery

Intensive customer workshop to fully pervade the customer problem, to identify the current digital strategy of the customer and to determine the future curse of action to be taken in the defined time frame.

2. Definition

Building on the existing digital strategy and aligning it to a future-oriented digital orientation of the company. Special focus is on the identification of opportunities and potentials for the implementation of chatbots in order to achieve competitive advantages. The chatsbots are designed to be fully embedded in the future digital appearance of the company.

3. Implementation and Monitoring

Definition of a detailed timetable to implement the decided strategy step by step in cooperation with the involved departments. Introduction of mechanisms to measure the success of the strategic changes and to perform fine tuning.

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