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Our services cover all areas of development and implementation of voice assistants and voice user interfaces. In our projects, we set great store by the strategic planning of a voice identity and a clear conversational design for your brand. In this way, we create the basis for a successful project. At the same time, your brand gets a future-proof basis for the quick and uncomplicated extension of voice functionalities.

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Voice Consulting

Consulting regarding the chances and potential for your brand

Finding the right place for your brand in the world of voice assistants is crucial for the success of your voice application. Initially, an important decision is whether you want to build on existing platforms such as Amazon Alexa or develop your own independent voice assistant.

We advise you on the opportunities and potential for your brand and your customers. At the same time, we inform you about limitations and risks. Based on your needs, we develop the appropriate use cases for your application.

By evaluating your brand and company criteria, we help you make the right decision. Furthermore, we support you in defining the specialisation of the assistant. Which functions should the assistant have and where is the added value for the user?

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Voice Identity

Developing a linguistic identity for your brand

What personality and expression should the voice application convey? Our clear goal is to come as close as possible to the ideal of natural conversation. In this way, we literally give your brand the voice that meets the demands of a premium user experience.

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Voice UX

Developing exciting and successful dialogues

In the centre of our conversational design is the task of designing the message which is to be perceived by your customers. With our knowledge of the interaction between humans and computers, we create dialogues that convey the right information to your customers at all times via acoustic or visual channels. During the development process, we gather insights and build on our experience in prototyping to further optimise our designs and concepts.

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Voice Development

Developing the technical infrastructure and API customisation

We accompany you through all development processes and during the technical implementation, no matter the project size. - Flow architecture and voice UX - ASR and NLU training and intent optimisation - TTS tuning and phonetic optimisation - Prompt design and rhetorical interpretation

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Voice Monitoring & Analytics

Analysing usage habits in live conditions

A voice application rarely represents a completed project. As soon as it is launched, the application is monitored in order to closely observe user behavior. The goal is to further develop and eventually perfect the application.

Thus, it can occasionally happen that the users' requests deviate from the expected intent model. By identifying mismatches, the intent model is refined through continuous utterance optimisation. Additionally, previously unassigned intents may be defined. In this way, the quality of the application improves continously and acceptance by the user increases noticeably.

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“Hey Swisscom was a highly sophisticated project with a very tight and ambitious schedule. We were very impressed by VUI.agency's extensive expertise as well as their love and enthusiasm for language. Our and the VUI.agency team jointly worked like a Swiss clockwork to sucessfully deliver a voice assistant that takes the brand values of Swisscom into our customers' homes.”

Riccardo Lopetrone, Senior Product Manager Voice, Swisscom (Schweiz) AG

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