Voice User Interfaces for Smart Home Devices

Smart home started years ago as a fancy buzz word but reached far beyond that status today. It became a multi billion industry with more and more brands emerging into this sector. People wish to surround themselves with innovation and demand to integrate more and more smart, technical peripherals into their home environment.

Products get smarter and more connected, to be self-regulated or remotely controlled by the user. In the past users mainly controlled their devices via remote control hubs or mobile devices. The next evolution of smart home is the control of devices via voice commands.

We face a high trend in voice controlled systems as technology shifts from a device controlled to a voice controlled perspective in which users will be able to control their whole environment via voice.

This is the point where the tailored Voice User Interfaces of VUI.agency come into play. Vui.agency specialises in both consulting and development of customer specific voice interfaces to enable voice control for our customer products.

Since Voice User Interfaces will soon become an integral part of the majority of households it is vital for firms to offer this innovative technology to their customers. With introduction of the VUI.agency Voice Platform each company can become access to a voice user interface and the great innovation of voice-enabled AI.

Possible Applications

Control of electronic devices

Enable voice commands for your product by connecting it to a voice user interface

Guidance with technical questions

Provide your customers with an easy accessible product manual as well as instant voice support interface

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