Voice User Interfaces for Office Applications

In today’s competitive world it becomes increasingly important for companies to provide their employees with the best possible working environment. To ensure attractiveness for the best minds and keeping existing employees motivated, it is very important to provide emlpoyees with good feedback systems and support them early on when dissatisfaction is on the rise. This is the point where the tailored Alexa skills from VUI.agency come into play.

Interacting with Alexa features the same interaction that one would have with a real person. Alexa can be programmed to take on regular feedback of team members and to help each team leaders to spot tensions early on. Many more skills simplifying efficient coworking are possible. Even meeting scheduling can be assisted by Alexa.

With introduction of the VUI.agency Artificial Intelligence Platform each company can become access to Alexa and the great innovation of voice-enabled AI. Leaders that are out of touch with their team members and other inefficiencies in the work place will soon become a thing of the past.

Possible Applications

Meeting Coordination

Company Wiki

Co-Worker Feedback

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