Voice User Interfaces for Hotels

In the hotel sector, the best possible service to customers has always been the name of the game. To keep customers satisfied today, hotels need to make sure to give their customers access to innovative technologies, especially technologies pertaining to a great home. This is the point the Voice Applications of VUI.agency come into play.

Interacting with a Voice User Interface features the same interaction that one would have with a real person. Combing it with devices like Philips HUE lights, Voice User Interfaces can be set up to transform any hotel room in a stunning smart home.

Beyond this, Voice User Interfaces can then be programmed to take on the role of a digital concierge, making it perfectly easy for customers to not only operate their room but also the services the hotel offers.

Even customer feedback can be easily gathered using a Voice User Interface. Since Voice User Interfaces will soon become an integral part of the majority of households it is vital for hotels that this innovative helper in the household will not be missing in the hotel room.

With the introduction of the VUI.agency Voice platform each hotel can get access to Voice User Interfaces like Alexa and the great innovation of voice-enabled AI. Hotels can transform to leaders in the smart home wave and use the newest technologies to continue providing the best possible service to their clients.

Possible Applications

Digital Concierge

Improve your guests experience by providing a personal, digital concierge on every suite

Customer Feedback

Provide your guests with an easy way to give feedback on their stay and your hotels service quality

Smart Home System

Transfer your suites into intelligent rooms, where heating, lights and devices can be controlled via voice commands

Examples of Voice Interaction in Hotels

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