Voice User Interfaces for the Health Care Sector

With our world growing older, health care faces new challenges. Allowing senior citizens to stay in touch with the world around them and to take best care of them when they get sick is one of the most important challenges faced by societies today.

We need to find new ways to keep our older generation in touch with the most innovative technologies in order to give them the best possible quality of life even when they grow weaker. This is the point where the tailored Voice Applications of VUI.agency come into play.

Interacting with Voice User Interfaces features the same interaction that one would have with a real person. Voice User Interfaces can be programmed to take on emergency calls just by raising your voice. Similarly this voice control can replace other more complex controller and give seniors the capacity to easily operate highly modern devices without fear of being unable to scope with them.

Additionally, Voice User Interfaces can become a partner in coping with stress by implementing special skills for assisting with meditation or other relaxation strategies.

With introduction of the VUI.agency Voice Platform each hospital or care center can get access to Voice User Interfaces like Alexa and the great innovation of voice-enabled AI. Senior citizens that are out of touch with the world around them will soon become a thing of the past.

Possible Applications

Emergency Assistance

Easy and fast way to call help in case of an emergency

Medical Stations

Improve the barrier liberty for patients that are disabled and immobilized

Retirement Homes

Easy access to modern technologies via universally know voice commands

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