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Communicate in a targeted and approachable way.

When you use the chat function on a website, there is a high probability that the answer will not come from a person, but will be generated with artificial intelligence.

Perhaps you have already tried it: asked for shipping options in an online shop, received travel tips on a tourism portal, or maybe just tested how well and smoothly the conversation with an AI in a chat can run.

Why Chatbots?

What is a Chatbot?

Primarily, a chatbot is understood as an application that lets you communicate in written language. But the definition can also be a little broader: The chat can support text input, audio input, or both –depending on the assistant persona design.

Do I need a Chatbot?

AI-powered chats are particularly suitable for very targeted conversations. They often help companies and their customers to cope with routines. The chat can answer users' FAQs, more specific questions and provide information that helps them make confident decisions:

In which cases does it make sense to change my electricity provider?

Which of your language courses is the right one for me?

How does my brand speak

For more and more companies, chatbots and voice assistants are part of their range of communication tools. An AI-based chat enables a very close conversation with customers and contributes to the company's image as a contemporary communication channel.

The better your chat responds to concerns and is adapted to the language of your target group, the more relevant it becomes as a communication tool.

We at help you to make that happen. 

Chatbots add value to many business areas

You can save time in processes that are very standardised and easy to automate. With an AI, your brand is available 24/7, and your customers spend less time in the queue. Services Chatbot – Infographic benefits of a chatbot

With a chatbot, the employees of your company can devote themselves to complex communication tasks and individual cases. The skilful use of an AI-based chat increases customer satisfaction, relieves the workload, and creates a good atmosphere in your own company.

The scope of a conversation can be limited to one or a few specific tasks or topics, e.g. an appointment booking, product info or phone bill enquiry. Well-designed chatbots can help here with a very high-reliability rate.

Depending on the use case, mixed forms of communication can make sense

Customers can identify themselves with the help of a chatbot and communicate their concerns. After that, an employee can take over to offer specialised support. Ideally, even the backend could open at the same time with the appropriate data and input fields.

Good chatbots learn! Among other things, they use machine learning mechanisms to improve your customer conversation constantly. Also, the chat interactions provide valuable information about your customers' needs.

Use Cases

When can I use a chatbot?

Customer service

There are many possible use cases for your business. The most popular one at the moment is customer service.

Effortlessly provide your users with the option of blocking a lost credit card or resetting a password. Chatbots improve the quality of service and make it easier to analyse conversations to fulfil customers' wishes even more precisely. Services Chatbot – Woman talking on a smartphone sitting at a desk

Internal Communication 

Chatbots can also be helpful in internal communication. Let it be HR processes or first-level support in IT, people often ask for travel expense reports or job wheel approval. Or how about an automated IT helpdesk?

Concierge Service

Another popular chatbot application is the concierge service, which assists people with travel bookings, hotel, theatre and restaurant reservations.

Whether in IT service, online marketing, citizen service in the municipality or the automotive industry – there are numerous conceivable application scenarios for intelligent chatbots.

We support you in evaluating your brand’s potential for an AI-based chat.
Anna-Catharine Peterwerth / Voice User Interface Architect

How we design chatbots

There are many platforms on the market for setting up and designing chatbots. So it rarely makes sense for you to set up a system from scratch.

Instead, it depends on choosing a suitable platform

/ How well can the system understand the users and derive their intentions?
/ What flexibility does it offer in terms of creating a dialogue?
What kind of data does it need to be able to process?
Which languages should the chat support?
What front-/back-end design options should be available?
And what about data protection aspects?

Choosing your best-suited technical platform is the beginning. 

Now it's time for the crucial design phase! First and foremost, designing a chatbot is a communication project. Your chatbot will represent your company and talk to your customers.

So persona design, conversation design and voice UX will be crucial pillars of your successful chatbot project. Our designers, linguists and UX experts support you with their high competence and attention to detail.

Let’s talk!

Get in touch with us. We look forward to meeting you and discussing how a chatbot can improve communication with your customers. Services Chatbot – Icon Chatbot