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The newest addition to our offices opened in 2021.

Our second international location based in Bern, Switzerland.

Here, in the ‘capital' of Switzerland – a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to the Swiss Parliament – we experience a true cultural mix of diverse linguistic influences. Officially, the Swiss version of standard German is spoken in Bern. But the most widely spoken language is Bernese German, an Alemannic Swiss German dialect. Don't be surprised if you also hear French here, because French-speaking Switzerland is not far away.

The city is also home to the headquarters of Swiss telecommunications provider Swisscom

Working together with Swisscom, we’re developing and improving a customized virtual assistant for their customers that communicates in five languages.

Stay tuned for more exciting innovations in the field of voice-controlled interfaces!

Bern is close to Latin Switzerland and you can feel that. It is a city to enjoy. Find a cozy spot, sit down, watch the hustle and bustle in the alleys and drink a good coffee in peace. That's my Bern!
Markus Maurer / Country Manager Switzerland at

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