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7 of our favorite German Christmas Voice Apps – recommended

7 of our favorite German Christmas Voice Apps – recommended

Written by Ina Baier, Carla Boos and Valentina Ibba / Voice User Interface Architects at

The pre-Christmas period is very emotional for many people. We reflect on the past year, taking stock of our situation, willing to start the new year fresh. Christmas time is about relaxing with our loved ones and enjoying the time off. As of December starts, we consciously put ourselves in a completely different mood.

We start baking Gingerbread, decorating our homes with sparkling ornaments, and year after year Wham! is always on repeat for most of us. We also did a little survey among our colleagues and made a list of their favorite German Christmas voice apps.

Thanks to Cottonbro for sharing his work on Pexels

What does voice design, emotions, and Christmas have in common

Voice assistants also have a lot to offer to sweeten the cold and emotional December and brighten our holidays.

The way we use voice design for applications has quite a profound influence on our emotional well-being. Technology, built with an emotional asset, as pointed out by the tech-emotionographer Pamela Pavliscak, blends in a more natural way into human lives. We have to take into account the emotional component in order to guarantee the best and natural interaction between users and products or brands. The holidays are indeed the perfect occasion to enjoy and try out emotionally intelligent technology, precisely because it cheers us up and makes us relish the Christmas mood more.

And now it’s definitely beginning to sound a lot like Christmas!

The ultimate German Christmas voice apps list

Here is the list that the team collected with 7 of our favorite German Christmas voice apps: From a holiday countdown to voice board games to play with your whole family even in times of social distancing.



You always wanted to run a mulled wine business? Jump on it and do better than your competitors!

“Glühweinstand” is a challenging and fun decision-making voice game. Your goal is to run a mulled wine stand, making the most profit out of it. Your entrepreneurial spirit will face the threats of constantly changing weather conditions and the rollercoaster of fixed and variable costs.

“Alexa, öffne Glühweinstand”


Escape Room:

“Escape room” is way too creepy for Christmas purists, but absolutely entertaining and engaging to play with the whole family. All you need is a lot of inventiveness and patience, don’t forget to have horrific fun along the way!

“Alexa, öffne Escape Room”


Christmas Playlists:

If you want to spoil your ears before Christmas, you can easily ask Alexa for Christmas songs and she will instantly provide you with evergreen classics and brand-new beats. Those who love karaoke even have the possibility to prove their talent and sing along, the lyrics will be shown on Amazon show devices.

“Alexa, spiel Weihnachtsmusik”


Christmas Challenge

For those who want to test their knowledge of Christmas, “Christmas Challenge” is just the right skill. Will your knowledge be as solid as you first thought?

“Alexa starte Christmas Challenge”


Post vom Nordpol

We can hardly wait until the holidays begin! For all of you who enjoy a holiday countdown and want to get smoothly into the Christmas mood, we highly recommend the Alexa Skill “Post vom Nordpol”. Every day until the 24th, “Post vom Nordpol” will be your daily earworm story.

“Alexa, öffne Post vom Nordpol”


Geschichten Adventskalender

“Geschichten Adventskalender” surprises you daily with Christmas-themed stories and oddities on popular Christmas customs. This action is thoroughly imagined for kids and geared towards them.

“Ok Google, sprich mit Geschichten Adventskalender”

“Alexa, öffne Geschichtenadventskalender“


Magenta Adventskalender

“Magenta Adventskalender” was a Christmassy pearl for the Telekom Magenta Speaker. Depending on the day moment, “Magenta Adventskalender” told you stories, fun facts or recipes with a lot of twists and turns. Your day with “Magenta Adventskalender” was lively.

Will Christmas voice apps start a positive shift in voice design

Here you have it: a jingle bells medley of our 7 favorite Christmas voice apps. They stir up emotions and let you enjoy the holiday season even more by bringing your family together and making all the Christmas twinkle lights come alive.

Emotion is often a blind spot for voice design because it’s not a quantifiable and tangible entity.
Ina Baier / Voice User Interface Architect at

This list of German Christmas voice apps holds a positive potential that we have to aim for in AI-powered technology. Behind machines, you always find care and attention for humans. If this rings a bell and you are interested in all the implications the voice field has, subscribe to our Newsletter to get more insights.

Have an emotionally scintillating Christmas 2020!