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The automotive industry is facing a fundamental change that will not only affect drive technology. More and more customers expect a unique product experience from their car. The technical possibilities of cars are also becoming increasingly complex and require intuitive operation.

For the driver, there is nothing easier than to operate the car functions by voice. Integrated voice assistants can also control other elements of everyday life – e.g. a mobile phone connected to the car – in addition to simply operating the electronic functions of vehicle, but the basics must also work reliably onboard, i.e. without an active internet connection. With such a development, it is imperative that the dialogues are designed to be simple and intuitive, as they must not distract from driving. In addition, there is a very high and complex multimodality – control options are provided by steering wheel buttons, rotary push buttons, touch screen, possible gestures, indication in the head-up display, instrument cluster, centre display – as well as the inclusion of contextual knowledge – current location, fuel level, tyre pressure, temperature for climate control, etc. And finally, it must be ensured that driving functions can be controlled exclusively from the driver’s seat.

But the application in the automotive sector goes far beyond integration into products: examples include customer service, garage support, support for car dealerships, support for service staff as well as the simplification of maintenance and repair measures.

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