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We are a voice agency that consults, conceptualises, designs & develops Voice User Interfaces (VUI) for different Brands and Companies on Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant.

Voice User Interface

A Voice User Interface is a system that is operated purely via voice. This is made possible by modern technology based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. A Voice User Interface is able to capture human speech at a very high quality level. Never before has it been possible to achieve a speech recognition accuracy of 95% – today’s Voice User Interfaces even show a steadily increasing tendency.
Voice User Interfaces such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant can be equipped with applications like Alexa Skills or Google Actions – similar to apps on a smartphone. With the appropriate capabilities, Voice User Interfaces can be used to control our technical environment, retrieve specific information or access specific services.

Our services for your voice application

Voice Consulting

Voice user interfaces such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant show a rapid growth with steadily increasing user numbers. We consult you on the opportunities and potentials that open up for brands and inform you about the risks at the same time. We analyse the suitability for your brand and develop use cases for your application on the basis of your goals and needs.

Voice Design

Correct language modeling is a central component of a voice user interface application. Our team of linguistic experts takes care of the design and conception of your voice user interface application. In addition to linguistic design criteria, we place great importance on a natural user experience and a robust and reliable language interpretation.

Voice Development

Our development team works in close cooperation with our language experts and is organized in an agile development process. This ensures full transparency for our customers, who are involved in the continuous progress of development. In addition to robust functionality, we optimize our systems for minimum reaction and response times.

Voice Monitoring and Analytics

Developing a voice application is a long term process. Ongoing monitoring and analytics for your voice application is a requirment for any successful application. Continous improvement based on the results obtained from the reports ensures that user retention rates increase.

We develop for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant is a voice agency that specializes in the development of applications for voice user interfaces. Our development spectrum comprises numerous platforms. Whether Alexa Skill Development or Google Actions Development – we implement your voice application for your desired platforms.

Alexa skill development

for Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Show

Google assistant development

for Google Assistant and Google Assistant

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