We give your brand a human voice

We give your brand a human voice

Voice User Interface

Trust through speech

Talking to a product or a brand is a very intense brand experience. Language builds trust and allows for a personal customer relationship. Language reflects the personality of your brand like no other medium.
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Voice Branding

Let your brand speak

We advise you on the opportunities and potentials that are available to your brand in conversation with your customers. Together we develop a linguistic identity for your brand and implement it in applications.

Our references

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Our Services

Our services cover all areas of development and implementation of speech assistants and voice user interfaces.

voice identity

Voice consulting

Finding the right place for your brand in the world of voice assistants is crucial for the success of your voice application.

voice identity

Voice identity

Your voice identity is part of your corporate identity. We define it in close cooperation with your marketing and product management teams.

voice identity

Voice UX

A style of speech corresponding to the brand and an adapted user experience are a central component of your brand's image. Together we create an individual customer experience.

Our Team

A passion for language is our first priority. We are an electrifying team of more than 25 experts in linguistics, rhetoric, and phonetics as well as in UX design, business integration, and technical implementation. Together with you, we create and implement a distinctive voice identity for your brand.


The Age of Assistants is NOW!


Designing the future is what we do here.


Anything sounds weird if you say it a hundred times.


NLU components do not understand naturally, as linguists, we teach them understanding natural language.


There's no problem that can't be fixed given enough duct tape

Let's talk to each other


Let's talk to each other - about how we can bring your brand closer to your target group using voice, and how we can specifically add the element of language to your brand's personality, thus creating a completely new brand experience.

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